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For thousands of years, Glastonbury Tor, or Glaston Tor, has been a place of myth, legend, and religious devotion, a place of secrets – the ancient Isle of Avalon, a place associated with the very dawn of Christianity in the British Isles …

The Glaston Chronicles series combines time travel, history, adventure, and religious themes. It focuses on the Marian shrine of Glastonbury in England, a place of legend and religious devotion, long associated with figures such as Joseph of Arimathea and King Arthur.

The three books newly republished are The Glaston Secret, Journey to Castle Raven and The Excalibur Mystery. The first two books were previously published by Theotokos Books under different titles, but publication has now been assumed by Blue Army Press, the publishing division of the World Apostolate of Fatima, USA.

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The Glaston Secret: Teenagers, Matt Bergin and his cousins, Luke and Annie Martin, discover the mysterious secret of Glastonbury Tor in England. Propelled back in time to 1940s France, they embark on an incredible journey, and a battle between good and evil, where the Rosary, sacramentals and heavenly helpers aid their struggle against evil.

The Glaston Secret has a compelling plot, captivating characters, suspense, excitement and ever-present danger.

255 pages, ISBN: 978-1-7332581-6-6, $13.95.

Journey to Castle Raven: The second Glaston Chronicles book, sees Matt and his cousins are drawn into a new adventure in the twenty-first century, but one involving their old adversary, Emil Schwarzen, who is now an aged and extremely wealthy entrepreneur styling himself as Lord Edgar Blackly.

They travel to Switzerland, to Emil’s Castle, and it’s strong point, the Dark Tower. Matt and his cousins discover that Emil is not only rich, but also very corrupt, and they find themselves up against almost overwhelming dark forces as they undergo a terrifying final struggle with Emil and his partisans of evil.

256 pages, ISBN: 978-1-7332581-8-0, $13.95

The Excalibur Mystery: In this book Matt and his cousins learn more about the Abbey at Glastonbury, King Arthur and his legendary sword, Excalibur. Against the background of the historic medieval Battle of Bosworth, which took place in 1485 between King Richard III and Henry Tudor, they find themselves in a struggle with evildoers fascinated by Excalibur, who want it for the occult power it will give them.

320 pages, ISBN: 978-1-7332581-5-9, , $13.95

The Glaston Chronicles include Catholic elements, historic figures, saints, sites and devotions, and highlight God’s victory over evil, and particularly occult practices. These books are perfect for middle school to young adult readers, but older readers will also appreciate them.

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Future Glaston Chronicles books

The next Glaston Chronicles book will be a continuation of Book Three, in which Matt and his cousins enter a future in which the Reformation failed to succeed, a completely different world. Subsequent books will hopefully include an adventure involving Joseph of Arimathea and the Holy Grail, and there are also plans for a further book set in a future United States.

You can see more details about the Glaston Chronicles books here

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