The Church and Psychology

This part of Theotokos Books is concerned with the danger that some varieties of modern psychology present to the Faith, but also with how psychology, rightly understood, does not conflict with Catholic teaching. It highlights the work of Conrad Baars, Anna Terruwe and Rudolf Allers

Conrad Baars

Conrad Baars, along with Anna Terruwe, pioneered the study of Emotional Deprivation Disorder, with insights based on the theology of St Thomas Aquinas and modern psychology. Unlike modern psychiatry, though, which largely ignores the soul, Affirmation Therapy acknowledges the classic Catholic truths, but also stresses the importance of the emotions and the deep-seated human need for affirmation and love.

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Recommended Psychology Books

Healing the Unaffirmed: Recognizing Emotional Deprivation Disorder by Conrad Baars

Psychic Wholeness and Healing: Using All the Powers of the Human Psyche, by Conrad Baars and Anna A. Terruwe

Faith of the Fatherless: The Psychology of Atheism, by Paul Vitz

Psychic Wholeness and Healing – UK & Europe


Saint Michael’s Institute is a national alliance of mental health professionals who integrate the genuine discoveries of Psychology and Psychiatry with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

For details of the Warrior Brothers, whose Commanding Officer is Dr. Philip Mango, President of St. Michael’s Institute, see:, is an online Catholic mental health resource. It offers referrals to professionally qualified psychotherapists who incorporate the truths and teachings of Roman Catholicism into their practice. The site also features articles and book suggestions to help you lead a happier and healthier life consistent with your Catholic faith.

Various articles

Christianity according to Sigmund Freud – an article by Dr Pravin Thevathasan.

Carl Gustav Jung: Enemy of the Church – an article by Dr Pravin Thevathasan, in which he draws attention to the dangers inherent in Jungian thought.

Here is a more detailed version of this article

Psychiatry and religion: must they conflict? – Dr Thevathasan looks at some aspects of this question and shows that it is dangerous to ignore the wisdom of the Church.