Creation / Evolution Resources

This part of Theotokos Books is concerned with the Creation/Evolution or “Origins” debate

Here are some thoughts about the Catholic Church and Evolution.

Catholic Creation sites  Website of Kolbe Center in US, dedicated to exploring Catholic approach to Origins research

Book review of I Have Spoken to You from Heaven: A Catholic Defense of Creation in Six Days, by Hugh Owen of the Kolbe Center – The Daylight Origins Society offer an authentic Catholic creation view, which compliments the faith, and is faithful to the Cathechism. 

Monitum on the writings of Fr Teilhard de Chardin SJ whose evolutionary writings were seen as dangerous by the Church.

Intelligent Design

Michael J. Behe site Details the work of Michael J. Behe, author of Darwin’s Black Box, the book which indicates the impossibility of evolution due to the “irreducible complexity” of molecules and cells.

Evangelical Christian Sites

Answers In Genesis This is a very well resourced Evangelical Christian site, which makes information and books etc., available to a world-wide audience. Once there you can choose your preferred language. Some caution is needed in realizing that this is an evangelical site, and thus is not necessarily fully compatible with Catholicism – but as far as can be ascertained, the majority of the material available is essentially concerned with presenting the biblical case for Creation, and this is something that any Catholic should be able to go along with. This is an example of genuine ecumenism!

Institute for Creation Research website

Centre for Creation Science Research

Creation Science Movement