Fatima Apparitions

This part of  the Theotokos Books site deals with the apparitions at Fatima and their importance for the Church.

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Fatima should be regarded as the most important Marian apparition of the twentieth century, if not the most important event in its own right, particularly because of the tremendous “miracle of the sun” which was seen by a crowd of at least 70,000.

Fatima also occurred just as the Russian Revolution was unfolding in 1917, during World War I. This revolution represented another stage in the “revolution” against the Church, truth and reason which began in earnest with the Reformation and was continued by the Enlightenment and the French Revolution.

In answer to the threat represented by these successive revolutions, Mary has repeatedly appeared and asked for repentance, a turning away from sin, if the most awful disasters are to be avoided. As the spiritual Mother of mankind she cannot stand idly by and watch humanity destroy itself through sin and selfishness.Her apparitions have played a large part in the major Catholic renewals of recent centuries, and if the message of Fatima is heeded by enough people then the Church can again experience a great renaissance. As the details of the Fatima message make clear, this is not an option for mankind but an absolute necessity if we are to have true peace in the world.

Thus there is a remedy to all the evil currently afflicting mankind and that is acceptance of the teaching of the Church, particularly as it is expressed in the message of Fatima. The power of this message is evident in the huge changes that have taken place in Russia and its former satellites since the collegial consecration carried out in 1984 by Pope John Paul II.

Russia has not yet been converted but it is evident that the power of communism has been largely broken. This evil though has been replaced by another in the form of a global atheistic ideology, one based on materialistic evolution, which threatens to destroy any remnants of Christian morality. Thus after more than 100 years Fatima retains its importance and relevance.

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