Marian Apparitions, the Bible, and the Modern World

Marian Apparitions, the Bible, and the Modern World by Donal Anthony Foley

This is an in depth investigation into the major Marian apparitions that have occurred during the last five centuries. It relates them to secular happenings and important revolutionary events in Western history including the Reformation and the French and Russian Revolutions.

Published by Gracewing Publishers
Foreword by Fr Aidan Nichols OP
Imprimatur from Bishop McMahon of Nottingham Diocese, England
ISBN 0 85244 313 7 – 374pp – £19.99

It also argues that the major apparitions are not random or historically inconsequential events, but actually seem to follow a preordained plan, one intimately linked with the biblical Marian typology explored by the Church Fathers.

In particular, this books looks at the importance of Fatima in the life of the Church, its links with the papacy, and its continuing relevance for the Third Millennium.

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Commendation by Fr Peter Fehlner F.I.

“With his Marian Apparitions, the Bible, and the Modern World, Donal Foley has made a very important contribution to our understanding and appreciation of private revelations, in particular those of Our Lady. Far from being random events without relation to divine Providence or substitutes and supplements of public revelation, the approved Marian apparitions of modern times (beginning with that of Guadalupe in Mexico in 1531) reveal a pattern foretold in the Bible. … [T]hese revelations are events at the center of the history in which they occur and in virtue of the biblical typology which they incorporate so profoundly [they] enable us correctly to interpret and participate in that history. Not only … scholars and believers, but the general public will find this volume informative and inspirational.” – Fr. Peter M. Fehlner, F.I.

Foreword by Fr Aidan Nichols OP



Review by Msgr. Arthur B. Calkins, which appeared in Miles Immaculatae XXXXIX

“I know of no single volume in English which so admirably summarizes Our Lady’s apparitions in modern times. Clearly, Mr. Foley has studied each of the mariophanies which he presents (Guadalupe, Rue du Bac, La Salette, Lourdes, Pontmain, Pompei, Knock, Fatima, Beauraing, Banneux, Tre Fontane and L’Ile Bouchard) at great length and succeeded in recounting them in a way that held my interest, even though I am familiar with all of the events which he narrates.”

Revue by Roger Buck on the Cor Jesu Sacratissimum site

Review by Francis Phillips, which appeared in various diocesan newspapers in England

Review by Michael Davies in “Mass of Ages,” the magazine of the LMS


This book has been translated into Italian and is available as: Il libro delle Apparizioni Mariane (Gribaudi, Milan, 2004).

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