Church History Books

Church History Books

The Founding of Christendom by Warren H. Carroll  (605 pages). This is the first volume of a projected multi-volume history of the Church. It covers the period up to the triumph of Constantine in the early fourth century. This is history written in a lively and entertaining way, but also in a fully scholarly manner. Anyone who wants an in-depth history of the early Church, written from a genuinely Catholic perspective, need look no further!

The Building of Christendom by Warren H. Carroll  (616 pages). This is the second volume in Dr. Carroll’s history of the Church, carrying forward the story to time of the Crusades, the twelfth century, in the light of the central role of the Papacy.

The Glory of Christendom by Warren H. Carroll (774 pages). Third volume in Church History series, which looks at the High Middle Ages, the period which saw the full flowering of Christendom, the great medieval European Christian civilization. Carries the story on to the eve of the Reformation.

The Guillotine and the Cross by Warren H. Carroll (203 pages). This is a stirring account of the struggle between the Church and the violent forces unleashed by the French Revolution. This is not just an historical account though, since Dr. Carroll also traces the hidden actions of grace, and particularly the conversion of Danton. Well worth reading to gain an understanding of the way the modern anti-God movement has been developing for centuries, and for indications of how the French Revolution was a precursor of the Russian Revolution in 1917.

1917 : Red Banners, White Mantle by Warren H. Carroll. This is an engrossing account of the course of the Russian Revolution in the light of Our Lady’s appearances at Fatima.

The Crisis of Civilization by Hilaire Belloc. Demonstrates how the Protestant Reformation was the great watershed in the progressive destruction of Christendom, and thus led to the present crisis which Civilization is in. Belloc saw the only remedy for the world in a return to Catholicism.The Crisis of Civilization – UK & Europe

The Great Heresies by Hilaire Belloc. A comprehensive, but readable, history of the great heresies which have afflicted the Church, covering Arianism, Islam, Albigensianism, Protestantism and “Modernity.” Belloc saw this latest assault as the most dangerous, but also predicted the re-emergence of Islam as a significant force.The Great Heresies – UK & Europe