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Medjugorje Revisited is no longer available – it has been replaced by the new, updated and revised, Medjugorje Complete. For more details, please visit this page …

Extracts from the Medjugorje Revisited in PDF format, including the table of contents, introduction, sample chapters and the bibliography, can be seen here …The chapter on the Medical and Scientific tests done on the visionaries can be seen here …and the extract on the alleged abduction of the visionaries can be seen here … Some extracts showing the evidence in favour of the presence of diabolical elements concerning Medjugorje, can be seen here …

A German translation of the book is available from Dominus Verlag via:

An Italian translation of the book is available from Cantagalli Editions via:

The following pdf documents compare some of the texts from versions of the transcripts of the tape recordings of the Medjugorje Visionaries as transcribed by Fr Ivo Sivric and Daria Klanac. They show how the two versions are essentially the same and thus that even the pro-Medjugorje Klanac could not avoid showing that the transcripts reveal definite problems in accepting Medjugorje as genuine:

This English-French text includes a translation from French into English from Daria Klanac’s Aux Sources de Medjugorje. This French text is a comparison between interview texts as found in Daria Klanac’s Aux Sources de Medjugorje and Fr Ivo Sivric’s La face cachée de Medjugorje.

Some very useful Medjugorje resources can be found at:

Sr Lucia did not confirm Medjugorje as authentic

There have been claims that Sr Lucia of Fatima “Saw & Confirmed Apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje”

However, when Mrs Hildegard Alles wrote to the Fatima shrine authorities in 1998, she was told by Fr Cristino, the director of SESDI, that ‘the affirmation [that] Our Lady of Fatima speaks with Sr. Lucia about what she does in Medjugorje” is completely false.’A PDF of this letter is available here … (the only change made to this letter is that the details of Mrs Alles’s address have been blocked out)

Mrs Alles also wrote to Sr Maria de Carmo at the Coimbra Carmel where Sr Lucia was living, in December 1998, to enquire about the claim that “Sr. Lucia’s Spiritual Director,” Father Messias Coelho, had stated that Sr. Lucia had said that it was “not the Virgin Mary appearing in Medjugorje”.Sr Maria de Carmo responded in a handwritten letter dated 21 December, stating that in fact Fr Coelho wasn’t Sr Lucia’s spiritual director, and that Sr Lucia had said nothing either for or against Medjugorje.

Cardinal Ratzinger and Medjugorje – “Freely invented” Citations

Mrs Alles also wrote to Cardinal Ratzinger’s office in Rome, in January 2002, regarding claims about statements reportedly made by the Cardinal supportive of Medjugorje, that appeared in a German language newsletter, Der Schwarze Brief in 1998In this there were a series of citations which gave the impression that the Holy Father and Cardinal Ratzinger had judged Medjugorje positively, but Cardinal Ratzinger called the citations “freely invented,” when responding to an enquiry about these citations in July 1998.Mrs Alles had wanted to know if this statement was genuine, and she received a response from the Cardinal’s secretary, Dr Joseph Clemens, confirming that the reported contents of the 1998 letter from the Cardinal were genuine, and thus that Cardinal Ratzinger had described the allegedly positive citations about Medjugorje attributed to him as “freely invented.”

The original German language letters can be seen here …(the only change made to these letters is that the details of Mrs Alles’s address have been blocked out)A translation of these letters by Mrs Alles can be seen here …