Words spoken by Mary at Beauraing

At Beauraing, as at Lourdes, very little was said by Mary, almost as if to emphasise the importance of Fatima. These few lines could easily be fitted on the back of a postcard.

“Always be good.”

Mary indicated that she was the Immaculate Virgin when questioned, and told the children to return on 8 December, the feast of the Immaculate Conception. When asked by Fernande if she wanted a chapel built, she replied, “Yes,” before disappearing.

Mary again asked for a chapel.

“My last apparition will take place soon.”

“Pray, pray very much.”

“Pray always.”

Mary told the children that she would speak to each of them separately and gave each a secret before bidding them farewell.

“Goodbye.” (to Gilberte Degeimbre)

“I will convert sinners. Goodbye.” (to Gilberte Voisin)

“Goodbye.” (to Albert Voisin)

“I am the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven. Pray always, Goodbye.” (to Andree Degeimbre)

Mary appeared later and spoke to Fernande Voisin asking her if she loved her Son and herself; when Fernande replied that she did, the response was: “Then sacrifice yourself for me.”


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