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The School of the Annunciation is a centre for adult formation, responding to the Church’s call for a New Evangelisation, in which the Catholic Faith is joyfully transmitted anew in all its beauty, depth and vigour.

Members of the World Apostolate of Fatima, England and Wales, can now offer Presentations on Fatima

Forthcoming Presentations

For more details, please click here ...

The presentations are flexible, depending on requirements, but can include a DVD giving the basic message Fatima, followed by time for questions and answers/refreshments, and then a Powerpoint presentation going into more details of the message, and particularly the Five First Saturdays devotion, detailing why it is so important for the Church in this country, and how it can be practically implemented.

These presentations generally last about one and half hours. There are also books, booklets and DVDs available for sale.

Articles by Donal Anthony Foley on Marian Apparitions, and general articles, which have mostly appeared in either The Wanderer or The Catholic Times can be seen here ....

Book reviews by Donal Anthony Foley, on various topics, which have mostly appeared in either The Wanderer or The Catholic Times can be seen here ...

The Triumph: A Critical Review, by Kevin J. Symonds, M.A.

The Triumph is a 105-minute documentary on the alleged apparitions in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Hercegovina. The film is directed by Sean Bloomfield and produced by Zaid Emmanuel Jazrawi who describe the video as investigating “one of the greatest mysteries in the modern world… a real-life prophecy unfolding today.” The documentary was shot in Medjugorje and its environs.


LATEST NEWS! Below is a link to an invitation to the annual Knights of Our Lady English Preceptory Open Day which will be held at the Brompton Oratory, London, on Saturday, 28th September, in the afternoon, with a Talk about Our Lady of Walsingham and the Family by Fiorella Nash, the well-known Pro-Life researcher, wife, mum, and novelist.

Knights of Our Lady Open day invitation

Donal Anthony Foley reviews Heralds of the Second Coming: Our Lady, the Divine Mercy, and the Popes of the Marian Era from Blessed Pius IX to Benedict XVI, by Stephen Walford

Heralds of the Second Coming seeks to investigate what we can learn from Marian apparitions, the Divine Mercy devotion, and the pronouncements of the Popes of recent times, about that most awesome of events, the return of Christ in glory at the end of the world.

The back cover text describes these revelations as having a “deeply apocalyptic undercurrent” and speaks of the “rapidly approaching final coming of Christ,” and how “our own times are ripe for the persecution of the Antichrist,” with these claims being based on a study of magisterial documents and papal teaching.

These are large claims to make, and when they are examined in detail, it cannot be said that the author has succeeded in presenting a convincing case that we are actually in the “last stage of salvation history,” although clearly we are on the margins of such events.

Click here for full review ...

For Marian books which pertain to the True Devotion to Mary and Marian consecration, and specifically why we should consecrate ourselves to Mary, how to prepare for the Consecration, and how to live the Consecration:

This is the new official prayer for the foundation of a Foyer de Charité in England.

Father, your Son promised Marthe Robin that the Foyers de Charité would be the house of your heart open to all and a life-giving oasis for discouraged souls. Look down in mercy upon England, the Dowry of Mary, and through her maternal intercession and that of Marthe, grant us for the glory of your name the grace of a Foyer in this land. Call those you want for this vocation, and fulfil your Son's desire that it be a family resplendent with light, charity and love in our midst. We ask this through the same Christ Our Lord. Amen.

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Search by keywords:
In Association with

Search by keywords:
In Association with

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