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The information in the book has been extensively researched and carefully checked, the views of leading advocates of Medjugorje have been taken into account, quotations are cited with full references, and numerous works have been consulted, a number of which are not widely available.

This work is a sincere attempt to establish the truth by an objective assessment of the facts. The author believes that such an assessment justifies the Church’s effective non- acceptance of Medjugorje. More information, including extracts, is available at:

Understanding Medjugorje will be paperback-softcover, Demy Octavo size (8.5 in. x 5.5 in.), have 23 chapters, more than 300 pages, and a comprehensive index.

Price: £14.95 / $22.95 / €21.95 ISBN 0955074606

“Understanding Medjugorje raises important questions about Medjugorje, questions which no sensible Catholic can ignore.” - Fr Peter Joseph, Chancellor of the Maronite Diocese of Australia

“Donal Foley’s work, and this book in particular, by connecting religious experiences and practices to crucial questions about the emergence of contemporary culture, is a major step forward in this field.” - Prof Arpad Szakolczai, Sociology Dept., University College Cork

Donal Anthony Foley has been researching Marian apparitions since the mid-1990s. He lives in Nottingham, England, has degrees in Humanities (BA) and Theology (BD), and his book on the subject – Marian Apparitions, the Bible, and the Modern World – was published by Gracewing in 2002. He has written articles for a number of Catholic magazines, including the Homiletic and Pastoral Review, and also maintains a website at:

Contact Information:

Understanding Medjugorje will be available through the Theotokos site, internet booksellers such as, and by ordering direct from booksellers.

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