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The Hidden Axis Of Evil by Fred Martinez

Do You Long for an End to Abortion in America, and the Sex Scandals in the Church?

If you’re like me, your heart aches when you think of the plague of abortion that has hit America over the past 30 years. Added to this are the recent sex scandals in the Church that have shaken our confidence in the clergy and caused us to wonder how this could happen. Well, take heart. There are solutions to these problems. But first, you need to understand the root cause.

Praise for the Hidden Axis of Evil

Review by Dr Pravin Thevathasan

Introduction and sections from first chapter of book

Degenerate Moderns book coverDegenerate Moderns: Modernity as Rationalized Sexual Misbehavior by E. Michael Jones - $16.95, (259 pages). This has been well described as a ground breaking book. The author shows how important figures like Freud and Jung rationalized their own immoral actions and proceeded to construct grand psychological theories on this basis, theories which have had a devastatingly harmful impact on western society. Goes a long way towards explaining the moral and sexual morass Western society finds itself in.

Degenerate Moderns - £11.31 - UK & Europe

Dionysos Rising by E. Michael Jones - $16.95. Second volume which shows how the cultural revolution was closely linked to the way major modern musical figures rationalized their own immorality.

Dionysos Rising - £10.68 - UK & Europe

Living Machines by E. Michael Jones - $11.95. Third volume which examines the influence of Bauhaus architecture, in the light of the immorality of its practitioners.

Living Machines - £7.53 - UK & Europe

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