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Reviews of Fatima Books

Fatima: the Great Sign coverFatima: the Great Sign by Francis Johnston - $8.95. Still one of the best books on Fatima, it looks at the central role of Fatima in the Church, as expounded by popes, bishops and eminent theologians. Not only does it recount the events at Fatima, but it also looks at their meaning, and how we can respond to Our Lady's message - Highly recommended!

Fatima the Great Sign - £5.60 - UK & Europe

Our Lady of Fatima by William Thomas Walsh - $10.95. Originally published in the 1940s, this reprinted edition is still an excellent book, which is well written and informative, being based on existing accounts and first hand evidence collected by the author when in Portugal. Includes an interesting interview with Sr. Lucia.

Our Lady of Fatima - £6.90 - UK & Europe

Rediscovering Fatima by Rev. Robert J. Fox - $6.95. Published in 1982 originally, this book draws on interviews with many of the chief surviving figures in the events of Fatima. It is a good supplement to Fatima, the Great Sign, describing the early involvement of Pope John Paul II in Fatima, but also contains an account of the apparitions, and so can profitably be read on its own.

Rediscovering Fatima - £4.99 - UK & Europe

A Pilgrims's Handbook to Fatima - £7.99 - UK & Europe

A "must have" for any prospective pilgrim to Fatima, full of lots of interesting facts about the Shrine, including an outline of the apparitions - the perfect gift.

What Happened at Fatima by Leo Madigan. A lively booklet which deals with the basic facts about Fatima in a very readable way.

What Happened at Fatima - £1.95 - UK & Europe

Reviews of Fatima Books

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