Summary of Catholic Doctrine,
by Peter Grace

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This is a very useful 56 page booklet, containing a wealth of information which every serious Catholic could benefit from.


Foreword 5
1. About Almighty God 7
2. About Ourselves 9
3. The Fall and Original Sin 11
4. The Blessed Trinity 14
5. The Incarnation and Redemption 17
6. Sanctifying Grace and Baptism 20
7. Jesus’ Life and Teachings 23
8. The Church and the Bible 29
9. Prayer 31
10. The Mass and the Blessed Sacrament 34
11. The Moral Law & the Sacrament of Penance 38
12. Our Blessed Lady4l
13. The Sacramental System 43
14. The Communion of Saints 45
15. The Four Last Things 47
16. About Ecumenism 49
The Short Acts of Faith, Hope, Charity and Contrition 51
Index 53


This Summary of Catholic Doctrine is virtually identical with the Résumé and Notes to What We catholics Believe, the series of eight audio-cassettes made by Mrs. Daphne McLeod and Mr. John Edwards of Christus Vincit Productions. They have both kindly agreed to this initiative.

Mrs. McLeod’s long experience in teaching Catechism at primary level and her expertise in street-corner defence of the Catholic Faith, gleaned with the Catholic Evidence Guild, have ensured the high quality of both content and technique in her production. I have summarised each side of the tapes and added the Notes. The Summary is different from the Résumé in the placing of the Notes, which now follow immediately on the page of doctrine to which they refer.

All the essential doctrinal topics have been covered in the booklet; it may therefore be used for apologetics. It is vital that the plain statement of doctrine be backed up by reference to the Gospels and the supporting Scriptures, with prayer and reflection.

In the light of Our Blessed Lady’s words at Fatima in 1917, it is fitting that emphasis be laid on the Rosary. The translation of the first verse of Saepe dum Christi, the Vespers hymn for the feast of Mary, Help of Christians, on the 24th May, goes like this: “Often, whilst the people of Christ were being hard pressed by the weapons of a cruel, war-mongering enemy, the holy Virgin, descending from the serenity of heaven, came to their aid.” One calls to mind, e.g., the Christian victory over the Turks at the Battle of Lepanto (see Chesterton’s stirring poem, Lepanto) and the recent intervention of crowds of people, who, reciting the Rosary, stood between two armed factions facing each other in Manila, and so induced the combatants to bring the conflict to an end by negotiation and not by force of arms.

Peter Grace

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