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Praise For The Hidden Axis Of Evil

"I went through every single page and in full honesty it is just great. Hidden Axis is more than superclear and straight to the point. Every single paragraph is very rich and full of insights and information...God bless you, Fred Martinez, and I thank you, as a priest, on behalf of the Universal Church for your book."

Rev. Fausto Zelaya studied in Rome and was ordained with a pontifical indult from Pope John Paul

"This is one incredible, thought provoking book. The 'axis of evil' is not just being fought half way around the world but also from within. Hidden Axis puts a spotlight on the real horrors lurking among us. Who they are, where they are, and as Fred Martinez so aptly wrote,"...stand firm, like Lincoln, and limit the spread of a great evil."

Tony DiGirolamo, Executive Producer of the Culture Shock television show as well as the CultureShock headline news website

"This book connects the dots waiting to be connected. Fred Martinez draws conclusions others have avoided."

Jim Holman, Publisher of the San Diego News Notes and Los Angeles Mission.

"Fred Martinez's book is important, no, necessary reading for those who wonder how and when things went wrong in the Church and society. Hidden Axis is informative, insightful and constructive in that it exposes the 'cancer', analyzes it and offers some practical solutions.."

Ginny Hitchcock, Pro-life leader and long time colleague of Fr. Paul Marx (One of the founding fathers of the pro-life movement)

"Fred Martinez is a dedicated warrior. His columns, essays and activism have had a seminal effect...With revealing insight and prescient analysis his new book tackles abortion and other Catholic issues head on, spelling out the problems and outlining their solution. This is a must read!"

W. J. Rayment, Founder and Editor of the Conservative Monitor

"Backed by solid research, Fred Martinez presents a moral tour de force that is must reading for those of us in the trenches of today's culture wars."

Chuck Morse, Radio Talk Show Host WROL-Boston

"Thank you Fred Martinez for specifically identifying the true 'culture' of evil in Real Axis. Asking God to bless your work."

Carol McKinley, Faithful Voice

"Remarkable. Very well researched. A must read for those who believe as I do that our culture is undergoing a profound crisis."

Cathal Gallagher, Founder of Quo Vadis Theatre and playwright

"Fred Martinez delivers plenty of much needed 'tough love' to the Church in America today. Hidden Axis covers much ground including a neat turning of the tables on the lay group called Voice of the Faithful. VOTF was ostensibly formed in response to the sex-abuse scandal and 'cover-up' and is in fact actively participating in the continuing cover-up by incessantly refusing to acknowledge the link between the scandal and homosexual priests. Included in the Martinez battle plan are ingenious ways of fighting the evils of abortion on several levels...the 'Archangel Program' alone is worth the price of admission to this extraordinary work!"

Kelly Clark, The Lady In The Pew website

"It's a fine and thorough piece of journalism...I hope it will turn some heads and change some minds."

Dale Ahlquist, American Chesterton Society President

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