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In President Bush’s first midterm election, pro-life Republicans made stunning gains all over the country. Bush now knows that the backbone of his reelection is the electorate that stands for traditional religious and moral wisdom.

As I write this, African-American and former United States Ambassador Alan Keyes as well as Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family, the most listened-to religious radio show in America, have made a stand with a courageous Alabama judge for the God of the Ten Commandments.

The left and, unfortunately, it appears, the majority of the Supreme Court also have made a stand for an America that will, in stages, become a new Sodom and Gomorrah. As Justice Scalia said against Lawrence v. Texas, the so-called Texas sodomy case: “[It] effectively decrees the end of all moral legislation.” The sides in this threatening tragedy have never been more clear.

On one side are those who stand with the Judeo-Christian God and His Ten Commandments.

On the other side are not the other world religions or even the straightforward atheists or sinners, but rather deceptive moral terrorists who are at enmity with God and His moral law. These fakes, whose advertising jingle is “tolerance,” will not tolerate the Ten Commandments in any public square. Section One of this book shows the president and his religious supporters ways to end tolerance of xx unborn baby killing, which was the first stage and political foundation of the left’s agenda. Section Two shows that the fight against God and His Ten Commandments, be it promoting abortion or homosexuality, is part of the liberals’ two-headed agenda of pan-sexualism and a Nietzschean power grab under the pretense of “civil rights,” “psychology” and “science.”

Finally, in Section Three, we show the only way to avoid this tragedy and win the victory over the Clintons–Sex Abuse–Abortion Axis. Triumph will not come by way of wimps or even by “cool” up-to-the-minute anti-heroes. Victory will come only by ordinary people such as you becoming heroes like Spider-Man.

Section One - How to End the Abortion Agenda

As you will see, the abortion agenda began when feminists in our society (and men who, many times, forced mothers to abort their children) started running away from the nightmares that their guilt created. They did this by pretending that killing unborn babies was not about right or wrong, but about the choice to do wrong if one wanted to.

At first they lied and pretended that killing the unborn baby was only killing a mass of cells, but finally they didn’t bother with that lie and simply said it was a choice.

They believed that legalizing abortion would make it okay. They didn’t realize that their dead unborn babies would haunt their dreams and minds. This section shows how the nightmare agenda began and proposes some ways to end the nightmare.

Chapter 1 - Selections from How Ending the Abortion Nightmare Will Make Bush the Next Lincoln

Dr. Theresa Burke’s latest book on post-abortion therapy, Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion, is endorsed by the great enemy of the feminist agenda, Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Burke concurs with Dr. Laura that the feminist movement has brought us deep psychological problems, especially the abortion culture, because “if you examine the women’s movement you can see that many of the women who laid the groundwork were women traumatized by their own abortions. They believed that legalizing abortion would take away the trauma.”

Instead, as Dr. Burke shows, they created trauma, which brought us the nightmare culture. She applies psychology to cure this trauma, but says that the abortion trauma can be completely healed only if one asks for and receives God’s mercy. If the grief of abortion is not healed, then the world becomes a Freddy Krueger–like nightmare. Burke maintains that the horror icons of the United States such as Freddy Krueger and “evil child movies” are symbols of a culture running away from its guilt. “I think that evil child movies are all around us. The child is the victimizer, the one who torments. Other movies, like Freddy Krueger, illustrate the horror of being tracked down by an ‘abortionist’ figure who is out to kill her baby,” Burke says. “I’ve watched MTV where baby dolls are thrown off cliffs, discarded, abused and unwanted—revealing the unconscious conflict shared by all who have rejected children or been abused themselves after having been used for sexual pleasure.”

The editor of Culture Wars magazine, E. Michael Jones, in a review of Forbidden Grief in the March 2002 issue, agrees with its thesis that when one represses guilt one creates even greater monsters in the unconscious. He says that “depression, suicide attempts, compulsive political activism, reveals itself upon closer inspection to be neurotic compensation for the guilt from abortion, which the culture of death instructs women to repress.”

“Feminists could hardly suppress their glee when Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband’s penis,” Jones says. “What they did suppress was the connection between this bizarre and otherwise inexplicable act and the fact that her husband had forced her to abort their child.”

‘Baby Soccer’

This is only one example of what happens to a culture when millions of men and women have the memory of an aborted baby haunting their unconscious. In story after story, Forbidden Grief tells us of bizarre behaviors. In one account we find a dorm party in which the students, many post-abortive, play “baby soccer.”

The “baby soccer” story reminds one of a Stephen King novel, with its broken heads of dolls being kicked around, their eyes gouged out, doll cheeks burned with cigarette butts and a boyfriend burning cigarette holes between the doll’s legs as well as ripping off their legs, leaving only a scarred vagina hole. This account and others convinced Burke that abortion is connected to the horror games played by our culture. “The college students I witnessed playing ‘baby soccer’ were actually trying to master their trauma by belittling it through a game with decapitated baby doll parts,” Burke said. “This amusement and mesmerizing allure to engage in the traumatic play is a symptom of our culture’s need to overcome the horror—like the baby in the blender jokes, which all surfaced coincidentally after Roe v. Wade passed.”

The baby soccer game and other horror genres are symptoms showing that millions of Americans need to overcome the “collective guilt” associated with abortion. Burke says, “As the group’s enthusiasm for this game demonstrated, the acting out of post-abortion trauma can be contagious…collective guilt and trauma have the capacity to disguise massive injustice.”

According to Life Dynamics’ Mark Crutcher, this massive injustice—in which millions have been killed—can be stopped by ending access to abortion-bound women. His booklet Access states that “the most conservative estimates [are] about 40 percent of American women of childbearing age have had at least one abortion.” There is a similar percentage of males who are post-abortive as well.

The booklet claims that the reason for our increasingly pro-abortion elective government is these percentages of persons who are in internal conflict. After violating the moral commandment of “Thou shalt not kill,” they vote pro-abortion, seeing the stance of the pro-life politicians as a personal attack on themselves.

“What I’m saying is that since the vast majority of elections are decided by slim margins, anything which influences even a small percentage of voters can be a powerful force,” Crutcher said in Access. “The point is that the potential impact is staggering. Moreover, this force grows considerably more powerful every day as another 4,000 abortions are racked up.” His booklet says studies have found that these women do not have abortions unless there is easy and local access to them. The vast majority of these women, according to these studies, will not travel long distances or pay large amounts of money for an abortion.

Access says, “…our opponents’ ability to continue fighting comes from a high abortion rate. That is what fuels their political machine. As long as they have $64,000 an hour to draw on, and the potential for at least 4,000 new pro-abortion voters every day, the legal status of abortion will not change.”

Using Lincoln’s Strategy

The party of Lincoln must make a choice. They can become like the Whigs, who kept compromising on the issue of slavery until they were replaced, before the Civil War, by the anti-slavery Republicans. Or they can stand firm, like Lincoln, and limit the spread of a great evil.

Lincoln never attempted to abolish slavery directly, because he knew that if he limited its spread to only the South, then, like a disease, it would die a natural death. The Democrats—the slavery party—knew this, too. That is why they started the Civil War. (The South was correct in its claim that it had the constitutional right to secede, and it had the Founding Fathers’ idea of federalism to back its states’ rights claims. This is what gave the South the moral courage to fight a great war.)

The Democrats—the abortion party—know also that the abortion industry will die a natural death if limited in its ability to exploit women. But they will not start a civil war on this issue, because they are cowards and have no moral high ground. Can anybody imagine flabby Teddy Kennedy and company having the courage to fight for anything more than six more years of luxury at the taxpayers’ expense?

So Bush can go down in history as another Lincoln. (Lincoln was considered dumber by the media of his day than our present media consider President Bush to be.) All that Bush has to do is not attempt to abolish abortion, but rather limit its spread by protecting women’s health and human rights as well as letting women in abortion trauma know that he and others are there offering help to free them from their nightmare of abortion.

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