Fatima in the Third Millennium

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Fatima in Third MIllennium coverA vital new booklet on Fatima's role in the Church's mission of evangelisation today

In the Holy Year 2000, John Paul II carried out three major developments with regard to Fatima, which have imparted significant new meaning to Our Lady's message. This important, right up to date new study, just published, explains how and why Fatima is more urgently relevant than ever today to the Church's mission of evangelisation.

At a time when Christ and the Gospel are being challenged in an unprecedented spirit of rejection and denial by the "culture of death" — these acts by the Pope show why and how Fatima is more than ever relevant to the Church's mission of evangelisation in the third millennium - for "today as never before in the past, humanity stands at a crossroads".

The author, an international authority, recounts these events and the new light they shed upon Fatima and the Church's understanding and acceptance of Our Lady's Message. He can be contacted to discuss any aspect of this subject at:

A leading Catholic academic writes, "I am very impressed with its combination of balance, clarity and a sense of urgency. I learned much from it" (PW)

"Brilliant little book, just what was needed!" (Fr John Edwards, SJ)

The author is also currently Vice-President of the World Apostolate of Fatima (in England), the world-wide organisation which is recognised by the Holy See and the Bishops of England and Wales as the authentic ecclesial movement for promoting the message of Fatima. Email him if you would like information on the work of the World Apostolate, and how to join.

Contents and Introduction of Fatima in the Third Millennium

Review by Msgr. Arthur Burton Calkins in Miles Immaculate magazine

Do 679 £1.95 (88 pages) - ISBN 1-86082-134-0

Available from: www.amazon.co.uk

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