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If you haven't used Pay Pal before it is very easy to sign up, and they even give you $5 for opening an account! You can then send or receive money online. It costs nothing to send money via Pay Pal. There are now apparently about 25 million users of Pay Pal world-wide, and thus it is the most popular service of this kind.

Signing up to Pay Pal is quite easy and only takes a few minutes, providing you have some basic details to hand, including your credit card details. You also need to provide your e-mail address, an at least eight digit password - a combination of letters and numerals is best - and provide the answers to 2 security questions, such as, "What is your mother's maiden name?"

You can also make a donation to Theotokos Catholic Books through any of the Pay Pal "Visa/Mastercard Donate" buttons on the main pages of the site:

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