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For Marian books which pertain to the True Devotion to Mary and Marian consecration, and specifically why we should consecrate ourselves to Mary, how to prepare for the Consecration, and how to live the Consecration: offers free Preparation for Total Consecration according to Saint Louis Marie de Montfort books.

Maria Radna Basilica

This an ancient Marian Shrine in Romania, which as can be seen from the photo is very beautiful. It is actually a papal basilica, and probably Romania's most important Catholic pilgrimage destination. The pilgrimage church of Maria Radna dates back to the 18th century. The focal point of the pilgrimage church is the image of Our Lady, a 17th century print which was brought to Radna in 1668. Between 1769 and 1771 the image was provided with a frame made from 30 kg of silver. In 1820 two golden crowns for the Virgin and the infant Jesus were affixed to the image. Information about it and its restoration can be seen at the following links:


Maria Radna Resortation

Maria_Radna history

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20th Century Persecution of the Romanian Church

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Legion of Mary (US)

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Immaculate Heart of Mary

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Rosary Confraternity Headquarters - USA

view of einsiedeln benedictine monastery in - This is the website of the Benedictine monastery which "enfolds" the Marian shrine at Einsiedeln in Switzerland. I can thoroughly recommend it for a beautiful cultural and religious experience in the midst of some magnificent Swiss mountain scenery. It really is a gem, and sees over 700,000 visitors a year - if you are used to going to Fatima or Lourdes this is a totally different experience and well worth the effort!

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