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Understanding Medjugorje review - ISBN 0955074606

Martin Blake reviews Understanding Medjugorje: Heavenly Visions or Religious Illusion?

At last we have an in-depth examination of the phenomenon of Medjugorje, which for 25 years has fascinated and perplexed huge numbers of Catholics. And who better to make this examination but the author of one of the standard works on ‘Marian Apparitions’ Donal Foley, whose last book was published by Gracewing in 2002.

The events which started in this remote village in Yugoslavia (as it was then) in June 1981 can indeed be described as a religious phenomenon, if only because they have convinced millions of sincere Catholics that they are genuine and authentic. Yet, as Foley shows in scholarly detail, they are fraught with serious problems. Chapter by chapter he reveals the background to the situation, and why after so many years the Church has not given her approval, and is not likely to do so.

While admitting freely that many apparently ‘good fruits’ have been seen to be associated with Medjugorje – and which are the principal claim to authenticity on the part of supporters of this cause – Foley also draws attention to the many features which are far from good, and which frankly stretch the credulity of open-minded observers to breaking point. In particular he shows how the genuine and far more important revelations at Fatima, backed up to the hilt by Pope John Paul II since the attempt on his life, which curiously took place the very month before the alleged Medjugorje happenings, have been largely obscured by the latter. Foley’s great contribution to this problem for the Church is to suggest in the final chapters that a return to the authentic messages of Fatima will be the only possible solution to the Medjugorje illusion.

This is a book which should be read by anyone interested in Medjugorje or Fatima.

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ISBN 0955074606

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