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Marian Apparitions, the Bible, and the Modern World
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Chapter 1 – Guadalupe and the Conquest of Mexico

The Return of Quetzalcoatl
Spain and the conquest of Mexico
Guadalupe: the Apparitions at Tepeyac
The Miraculous Image of Guadalupe
Typology of Mary as the New Eve
Historical accounts of Guadalupe
Modern Science and the Guadalupe Image

Chapter 2 – Church History and the Protestant Revolution

Church History and the growth of Christendom
The Decline of Christendom
The Protestant Revolution
Luther and the Reformation

Chapter 3 - Protestant Progress and Catholic Reform

The Consolidation of the Reformation
The Reformation in England
Calvin and Protestantism
Catholic Reform, the Jesuits, and the Council of Trent
Trent, the role of Mary, and the Battle of Lepanto
The Catholic Reformation and Marian Apparitions

Chapter 4 - The Reformation and Secularization

Britain becomes Protestant
The Secularization of Western Culture
The Decline of the Monarchy
Catholicism, Capitalism and Secular Culture
The Intellectual Revolution
Europe after the Reformation

Chapter 5 - Devotions to Jesus and Mary

Devotion to the Sacred Heart
Devotion to Mary's Immaculate Heart
St Louis de Montfort

Chapter 6 - The Enlightenment

Rationalism and Secularization
Deism and Philosophy
Freemasonry and the Enlightenment
Wesley and Protestant Culture
Europe on the brink of Revolution

Chapter 7 - The French Revolution

French Society before the Revolution
The Revolt against the "Ancien Régime"
Napoleon and the Church
The Results of the Revolution

Chapter 8 - Private Revelations, Typology, and the Church

The Nature of Private Revelations
Church Approval of Marian Apparitions
Biblical Typology and Mary
Mary as the Ark of the Covenant

Chapter 9 - Catherine Labouré and the Miraculous Medal

Catherine Labouré before the Apparitions
The First Apparition - July 1830
Second and Third Apparitions
Jacob's Ladder and the Church Fathers
Catherine Labouré and Jacob's Ladder
Joseph in Egypt and Mary's Mediation
Our Lady of Victories - 1836
The Miraculous Medal and Alphonse Ratisbonne

Chapter 10 - La Salette and the 1848 Revolution

The Church and the growing Industrial Revolution
La Salette Apparition - September 1846
The Message of the Lady
Aftermath of the Apparition
The Curé d'Ars, the Pope, and the Secrets
Criticism of La Salette and the Children
La Salette and Moses on Mount Sinai
The Revolution of 1848 and its results

Chapter 11 - The Immaculate Conception and Lourdes

The Dogma of the Immaculate Conception
Problems for the Church
Bernadette and Lourdes - 1858
More Apparitions and the Miraculous Spring
"I am the Immaculate Conception"
Biblical typology, Bernadette, and Lourdes

Chapter 12 - Lourdes, Evolution, Marxism, and Vatican I

Criticism of 19th Century French Apparitions
Darwin, Evolution and Lourdes
The Darwinian Revolution
The Rise of Marxism
Pius IX and the Church
Vatican I, and Papal Infallibility
Bismarck's Kulturkampf

Chapter 13 - Pontmain, Pompeii, and Knock

Pontmain Apparition - January 1871
Criticism of Pontmain
The Ark of the Covenant and the Tabernacle
A "Triptych" of Marian Apparitions
Catherine Labouré's last years and death
The Miraculous Picture of Pompeii
The Apparition at Knock
The Symbolism of the figures at Knock
Investigating the Apparition
Mary as the Ark of the Covenant

Chapter 14 - Social Revolution, World War, and Communism

The Nineteenth-Century Assault on the Church
The Social Revolution and the Church
"Church and State" before World War I
World War I and the rise of Communism
The Communist Revolution

Chapter 15 - The Apparitions at Fatima

The Angel of Portugal and Fatima
The First Apparition - May 1917
The Second Apparition - June 1917
The Third Apparition - July 1917
The Fourth Apparition - August 1917
The Fifth Apparition - September 1917
13 October 1917 - the Miracle of the Sun
After the Apparitions

Chapter 16 - Fatima: Typology and Criticism

Fatima and the Typology of the story of Elijah
Elijah on Mount Carmel
The Sun at Fatima: a Meteorological Miracle?
Other Modern Critics of Fatima
Protestant Evangelical Criticism of Fatima

Chapter 17 - The World Between the Wars

The Postwar World and the Church
Later Apparitions to Sr. Lucia
The Twenties and Thirties

Chapter 18 - The Apparitions at Beauraing and Banneux - 1932-33

Beauraing: November 1932 - January 1933
Criticisms of Beauraing
The Eastern Gate and Beauraing
The Church and Beauraing
Banneux: January - March 1933
The Temple Stream and Banneux
Beauraing, Banneux, and Nazism

Chapter 19 - The Second World War

The Rise of Totalitarianism
The Application of Darwinism
The Road to War
Sr. Lucia's Mission continues
Sr. Faustina and the Divine Mercy Devotion
The start of World War II
Sr. Lucia and the Consecration of 1942
The turning point of the War
Postwar Politics

Chapter 20 - Tre Fontane, L'Ile Bouchard, and the Assumption Dogma

Tre Fontane: 12 April 1947
L'Ile Bouchard: 8 - 14 December 1947
The Typology of Tre Fontane and L'Ile Bouchard
L'Ile Bouchard and Daniel's Dream
L'Ile Bouchard: the Final Apparition?
The Church, Tre Fontane, and L'Ile Bouchard
The Dogma of the Assumption
The Weeping Madonna of Syracuse

Chapter 21 - The Collegial Consecration and the Fall of Communism

Further Consecrations to Mary
The Third part of the Secret: Criticism of Sr. Lucia
Pope John Paul II and the Consecration of 1984
The Validity of the Consecration
The continuing threat from Communism
The Collapse of Communism
The Beatifications and the Third Part of the Secret
Church and World: the Future?


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