Was October the beginning
of Bush’s Legacy?

by Fred Martinez

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Was October the beginning of Bush’s Legacy?

Despite his vice president’s chief of staff being indicted, October may have been President Bush’s best month as president.

President Bush’s nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito to the U S Supreme Court may be the beginning of the end of judicial tyranny and abortion-on-demand. The Berlin Wall of united pro-abortion Democrats protecting the right to kill of unborn babies appeared to be crumbling in October when:

The Washington Post publishes three editorials doubting abortion-on-demand in October.

Democratic Party National Chairman Howard Dean refuses to be for "abortion rights" or even to be "pro-choice" on Chris Matthews host MSNBC's "Hardball"despite repeated questioning.

Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers’ nomination was over on October 26 when the Washington Post reported that she said ""said in a speech more than a decade ago that ‘self-determination’ should guide decisions about abortion and school prayer " and urged voters to support feminist candidates such as Gloria Steiner and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The reasons for the doubts were explained by the PRI Weekly Briefing in October:

"Most Americans don’t agree with Roe. A poll, also published this month, by Virginia Commonwealth University found that 12% of Americans want abortion banned in all circumstances (last year, it was 17%, raising yet another question about the accuracy of polls). Another 44% want it banned except in "certain circumstances," and only 39% favor abortion on demand."[PRI Weekly Briefing, 27 October 2005, Vol. 7 / No. 42]

If Bush wants to leave a legacy of ending judicial tyranny and terrorism, this is the time to begin. The liberal media and the Democrats don’t appear united in their defense of judicial tyranny so Alito’s appointment may start a war within the liberal’s camp.

As the old-line abortion liberal’s waste their declining influence to stop Alito’s unstoppable appointment if Republicans stay united, Bush has to do a triangulation in Iraq.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia defined the term as the" strategy of ‘triangulation,’ where Bill Clinton would appeal to a diverse group of voters by distancing himself from both the Democrat and Republican parties."

The President must distance himself from the war party in his administration with a plan for winning in Iraq by using his father and Ronald Regan’s off-shore balancing strategy. He must first develop war ships off-shore with the capacity to deploy rapidly forces should a crisis happens that endangers access to Persian Gulf oil, which is necessary for our national security.

Next he must recruit and train Iraqi security (even ex-Baath who are not ideological extremist) to deal with terrorists, then get all the U S troops out of Iraq and allow the Iraqi people to govern their internal politics.

He must realize what Napoleon found out in Spain. Even Napoleon’s liberal allies rejected reforms and joined forces against France once the war was framed as a fight for national independence. If Bush really wants terrorism to end in Iraq and democracy to begin what is seen as a foreign occupation must end.

This strategy is not easy, but it is doable. If he can do this, he may have the legacy of ending judicial tyranny in the US and tyranny in Iraq.

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