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This part of Theotokos Books is concerned with Catholic Articles/extracts

Articles by Donal Anthony Foley

Articles on Marian Apparitions which appeared
in The Wanderer or The Catholic Times

Guadalupe 1, 1531

Fatima May 1917 Beauraing 1933
Guadalupe 2, 1531 Fatima June 1917 Banneux 1933

Rue du Bac 1830

Fatima July 1917 St Bernadette and Suffering article

La Salette 1846

Fatima August 1917

Lourdes 1, 1858

Fatima 1, October 1917

Fatima September 1917 Lourdes 2, 1858
Fatima 2, October 1917 Lourdes 150 years

General Articles

Medjugorje Talking point article

Nazi Germany article

Eyjafjallajokull article

Medjugorje: "Why weren't we told?"

Flavigny retreat article

Star of Bethlehem article

St John Viannay article

Search by keywords:
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Search by keywords:
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The following article was printed in the Wanderer on 10/27/2011, Page 1

If Church Judgment ... Goes Against Medjugorje, How Will Followers React? by Donal Anthony Foley

This year saw the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the alleged visions at Medjugorje. Great numbers of pilgrims have visited the “shrine” in Bosnia-Herzegovina during this period, and the alleged visions and visionaries have a worldwide following. But is Medjugorje a case of genuine Marian apparitions? What if this isn’t the case, and it turns out to be a huge religious deception?

"Non Angli, sed angeli!" The Pope’s visit to Britain by Donal Anthony Foley

"The visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Britain, from 16 to19 September, is a very special moment, and one which may have wider repercussions for the rest of world including the United States, as we will see."

The Passion: Eyewitness Evidence & the Gospels, by Donal Anthony Foley

"The controversy generated by the Mel Gibson film, 'The Passion,' which details the last hours and death of Christ, has focused particularly on his use of the writings of Catherine Emmerich, the visionary and stigmatic who died in the early nineteenth century and whose Cause is proceeding once more. The aim of this article, though, is to focus rather on those details of the Passion which we find set down in the Gospels, and which have always been traditionally seen as the result of eyewitness evidence."

The Miracle of the Rain by Donal Anthony Foley

An article on a rainy evening at the Sanctuary of Fatima, which, despite appearances, was quite revealing of genuine Catholic devotion.

Fatima and the First Saturdays Devotion, By Donal Anthony Foley

This article appeared in the December 2002 issue of the Homiletic and Pastoral Review - it highlights some neglected aspects of the Fatima message, which are crucial if we are to have real peace in the world.

Marian Apparitions: Some Lessons from History by Donal Anthony Foley. This article appeared in the June 2001 issue of the Homiletic and Pastoral Review - this article sets out to show that we can learn some important lessons from history regarding the authenticity of Marian apparitions, and that when this is done, the modern rash of alleged apparitions looks distinctly questionable.

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